The Inclusion Centre is a resourced provision for children who have an EHCP or are currently undergoing assessment, who are awarded placement by a panel of specialists. The children will work towards being able to integrate into mainstream for some learning, with a high level of support to meet their specific needs from the provision staff. There are two teachers (Mrs Walton and Mrs Brawn) one higher level teaching assistants (Ms Watkins) and six teaching assistants. Hargreaves class is supported by outside agencies, such as Educational Psychology and Speech and Language therapy. Staff from across the wider school also access support from the team to develop their skills. We use a variety of personalised learning styles to meet the individual needs of our children. Focusing on several areas of learning including academic progress, independence skills, social skills, coping and flexibility of thought. The provision has 14 places and is based in one room, with individual learning bays. The children also have access to a secondary room for breakaway lessons, sensory and social skill learning, group snack and play skills. Hargreaves class follow a breadth of learning that mirrors some of the learning in the mainstream. As most of the children are in KS2 the curriculum focus links with classes in the mainstream but is differentiated to meet the individual needs of the children, this helps streamline integration.

Autumn 1

This term we are looking at the Year 4 topic of ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. the Geographical links are to locating countries in the world. Our Art and DT is creating healthy foreign dishes and we will be learning about music around the world. We are also using our computing sessions to focus on communication around the world.  Science focuses on living things and their habitats. We also run ‘Life Skill’ lessons for our children which, this term, will focus on speaking and listening (through lego therapy), emotions workshops (how does your engine run) Other life skills such as gardening, turn taking through board games, sewing and crafts will be offered as part of our University Offer, run by our support staff.


Autumn 2


This term we will be learning all about Crime and Punishment through the ages! We will learn to compare the different ways that criminals were judged and hold our own court at the end of the term. In Science we will build on our understanding of living things to learn more about Humans. This term we will be holding curriculum mornings where the children will access a range of curricular subjects such as Spanish, Music, DT projects, PE with Joe Wicks and more. The children will continue to access mainstream where appropriate and continue to focus on life skills, particularly accessing emotional workshops within class.


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