We recognise that communication with parents is vital to the smooth running of the club. We encourage all kinds of two-way communication to ensure that staff and parents have up-to-date information.

To this end we have put the information most requested on the pages under this section. If there is other information that you would like to appear here, please do let us know.


Opening times

During term time the club is open during the following times

AM Session: 7:45 – 8:45

PM Session: 3:15 – 6:00


Prices and payment

AM Session: £5.00

PM Session: £10.00

For this, your child will receive a breakfast in the morning and a light cooked meal including dessert in the afternoon.

We do not offer concessions for shorter afternoon sessions, however we do apply a 10% discount for families who send siblings.

We accept cash and cheques as forms of payment but do not accept credit or debit cards. Cheques should be made payable to Milton Park Primary School.

Fees are reviewed annually and agreed by the Governing Body – parents will be informed in writing of any changes.

 Payment Conditions

  • All registration forms must be received before bookings can be accepted
  • Fees must be paid in advance of children attending the club
  • Fees are still payable for children booked into the club who then attend an after school activity. This will secure the child’s place should the activity be cancelled unexpectedly
  • There are no concessions and the full price will charged regardless of pick up time
  • Emergency bookings are only taken when all registration forms have been completed. Payment must then be made when the child is collected

Childcare Support

In some instances, employers will offer a childcare voucher scheme. These can be used as payments for bookings. These schemes are exempt from tax and National Insurance. Employers may set up a childcare voucher scheme at the request of parents. Further information can be found at www.hmrc.gov.uk/helpsheets/e18.pdf or by telephoning 0845 6055 999.


Childcare Tax Credits

Some parents will be entitled to childcare tax credits, which can be used to pay up to 70% of the booking. Further information can be found by visiting www.taxcredits.hmrc.gov.uk or by telephoning 0844 8569912 or 0345 3003900

Food menu

Kingfisher Before and After School Club recognises the importance of healthy eating and a balanced and nutritious diet. Because of this, the club will endeavour to make a variety of foods available including vegetarian and vegan options, plenty of fruit and low fat/salt/sugar food.

The Club will not regularly provide sweets for children and will avoid excessive amounts of fatty or sugary foods. The Club will provide a choice of sugar free drinks and make sure that fresh water is available at all times.

No child will ever be forced to eat or drink something against their will and the withholding or granting of food and drink will never be used as a punishment or reward.

We also operate a “no nuts” policy due to the allergies some of the children have.


Contact us

Telephone / Text: 07787961886

Email: [email protected]

In writing: Kingfisher Before and After School Club, Milton Park Primary School, Eastney Road, PO4 8ET

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