Kingfisher operates in conjunction with the relevant policies from Milton Park Primary School.

The key behaviour and pay policies can be viewed here and the full version of the Kingfisher policy document can be seen upon request.

Behaviour policy

In order to enable the children to become responsible and caring members of Kingfisher and the community we aim to:

  • Act as positive role models
  • Promote good manners
  • Encourage respect for self, others and property
  • Instil self-discipline
  • Develop opportunities for children to have a voice

Kingfisher actively promotes positive behaviour. We reinforce this through rewarding children through the use of a star chart. At the end of each term the children with the most stars receives a small gift.

To actively encourage pupil voice in Kingfisher, the “Club rules” are decided in conjunction with the children that attend. These are reviewed annually and agreed with the children and staff.

There will be times when children will display behaviour inconsistent with our expectations

In most cases non-verbal signals or a calm verbal reprimand will suffice as an appropriate sanction. However, more formal sanctions may be applied if this isn’t effective or the behaviour is more serious.

Minor sanctions may include:

  • Moving a child to another part of the room
  • Loss of a responsibility
  • Loss of playtime (part or all)
  • Discussion with parent upon pick up

When a child has been unkind or hurt another person, in addition to any sanction given, children are encouraged to apologise. This may be a verbal or written apology and apologies are accepted in good grace.

Some children, who display persistently challenging behaviour, may need an individualised behaviour support plan. This will be written by the Deputy Head and Club Supervisor in consultation with the child and their parents, as well as any relevant outside agencies. This will detail any additional or alternative arrangement to support the child. For children deemed at risk of exclusion, regular meetings with staff and parents will take place.

Use of physical restraint

This is only used if a child is placing themselves or others at risk of harm. It will be used for the minimum amount of time, in line with LA guidelines, and a physical restraint form must be completed and given to the Head teacher.


In cases of extreme violence or continued disruptive behaviour the Head teacher may consider the exclusion of a child from Kingfisher.  The Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher reserve the right to exclude any child from the club who is unable to meet the behaviour expectations. The length of the exclusions, including permanent exclusions, will be discussed with the parents prior to a final decision being made.

Payments policy

 Late Collection / Cancellation Charges

If a child is collected after the closing time of the club, the following charges will be incurred;

  • £10 for collection between 6:00pm and 6:10pm
  • An additional 50p for every 5 minutes late after this will also be added as appropriate
  • Cancellations need to be made 48 hours in advance – failure to do this will incur normal payment fees

Late Payments

Parents / Carers are encouraged to make contact with the Kingfisher staff as soon as possible if they believe they will have difficulty in paying for a booking so that a payment scheme can be put in to place. Should no payment be received, immediate future bookings will be refused. From this point the following procedures will be put in to place;

  1. A letter outlining the required money will be sent to the parent / carer
  2. Children will be taken off the Kingfisher register and no future bookings will be made
  3. The debt will be referred to Portsmouth City Council’s legal department

Cash Payments

Often parents will bring cash to pay or their child care in advance after the closing times of the school office. When parents make a payment, the following procedures and protocols will be adhered to;

  • A receipt will be given to the parent straight away, highlighting who has taken the money and the amount given. Any change should come from the float and should be recorded on the receipt.
  • The money should be kept in a locked cash box and returned to the school office at the end of every session along with the receipt book.
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